Double Veggie Burger in a Roll

From: £7.00


Two Linda McCartney Quarter Pound Burgers served in a soft roll with fried onions and a lettuce and tomato garnish.

Customise your Double Veggie Burger with either a double portion of vegetarian cheese, double veggie bacon or both with the ‘Toppings’ options box.

Additionally use the ‘Add Chips’ options box to add chips to your meal.

A variety of condiments are available at our serving window for you to add.

Our ‘Double Veggie Burger’ and  ‘Double Veggie Burger with Veggie Bacon’ are Vegan.



Bread Roll: Gluten (Wheat)

Veggie Burger: Gluten, Soya & Barley

Veggie Bacon (if added): Egg

Cheese (if added): Milk

Additional information


No Toppings, Double Veggie Bacon (£2.00), Double Cheese (£1.00), Double Veggie Bacon & Cheese (£3.00)

Add Chips

No Chips, Chips (£1.50)