COVID-19 Statement

The UK Government has instructed all accommodation businesses to close for the time being due to the Coronavirus/Covid-19 outbreak. This currently means that you will not be able to stay with any accommodation provider until at least the 13th of April 2020, unless you are classed as an ‘exclusion’.

It is very likely that restrictions will last to a time well in advance of this initial date, and we will continuously monitor the situation accordingly. Therefore, at this time, other than from people classed as ‘exclusions’, we are not able to accept new bookings with a check-in date before the 30th April 2020.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Therefore, for those with an existing booking that is affected by current restrictions we are offering them the opportunity to reschedule their booking with a new arrival date within 12 months of their original arrival date. We are not charging any additional fee to move your booking, you will only be charged anything additional if you move from your mid-season date to a high season date, in which case we would charge you a top-up fee.

If you can suggest a new arrival date, then please let us know and we will update your booking immediately. Alternatively, if you don’t have a new date at this time, we can ‘park’ your booking until you are able to advise a new date.

You also have the option of cancelling your booking for which our normal cancellation policy applies. We are happy to support you if you need help claiming on your travel insurance.

For bookings made through Online Travel Agent`s, such as, Expedia, Airbnb, etc. you will need to contact the appropriate Online Travel Agent to make any date changes or cancellations to your booking. If you are making a date modification or cancellation, then please ensure that you do this before the check in date of your original booking.

Alastair, Sue and the Brown Rigg Team would like to thank you all for your support and patience through this difficult period and we hope to see you all under better circumstances.